Nadis Massage

Release & Recharge

Available exclusively at our Snider Plaza location.

Swedish Massage

Session: 30min-$40 // 60min-$70 // 90min-$100
Swedish Massage has become a part of Western culture because of the highly documented benefits experienced by the client. The therapist applies firm gliding and kneading strokes to support the client in flushing waste from their soft tissue. In addition to the biochemical affect, the client can also experience a decrease in pain, tension and anxiety. With the therapist using a sheet for draping, the client will unclothe to their comfort level to receive the bodywork using oils and lotions.

Myofascial Release

Session: 30min-$50 // 60min-$80 // 90min-$110
Increased range of motion and circulation are benefits of this highly therapeutic deep tissue massage. Myofascial bodywork addresses the sticky soft tissue that may present itself as soreness or knotted, adhered areas in the body. Myofascial uses gentle manipulations with firm sustained pressure which aids in the release of bonded tissue. No oils or lotions are used. Deep breathing and guided visualizations combined with stretches leaves the client feeling more flexible, grounded, and aware.

Chi Nei Tsang

Session: 60-90 min. $100
Boost your health and strengthen your immune system with a detoxifying and energizing abdominal massage with the DFW area’s only Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner. No need to disrobe, only your abdomen will be exposed during your session which addresses to whole body through the belly. Chi Nei Tsang is a 2000–year old practice which improves circulation through deep breathing and guided visualizations. This practice encourages the release of chronic tensions so that you experience a deep state of relaxation and well-being.

Treat yourself to massage and energy work.

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